We're thrilled to announce that the esteemed magazine EVO has recently conducted a comprehensive review of our car, the CTC Suzuki Swift Sport. Titled "CTC Suzuki Swift Sport review - the aftermarket answer?", the review delves into the potential of the Suzuki Swift Sport as a junior hot hatch and whether CTC can address its existing issues. Despite the Swift Sport's promising features, such as its compact size and emphasis on low weight, the current model has failed to fully impress, particularly with its turbocharged engine and lackluster handling. However, CTC Performance, based in Somerset, has stepped in to tackle these shortcomings head-on. With expertise and innovation, CTC has enhanced the Swift Sport's performance, pushing its turbocharged 1.4-liter engine to deliver around 150bhp on the dyno. Despite initial reservations, the review highlights CTC's ability to transform the Swift Sport into a more compelling option within the hot hatch segment, drawing attention not only locally but also internationally.

You can read the full review here.